Circuit Protocol

Circuit is a non-custodial, auto-compounding protocol that maximizes your APY.

Circuit is a decentralized yield optimizer operating on the Mantle L2 modular EVM. We offer non-custodial vaults that allow users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Circuit gives you the highest APYs without the hassle. Deposit, set-and-forget. Withdraw at any time.

We use smart contracts to automatically maximize your rewards as a liquidity provider through multiple decentralized finance protocols. These can range from AMMs, lending protocols and more.

Our vaults are non-custodial. Meaning you always have access and control of your funds. When you stake in our vaults, the vault sends your crypto to a strategy that begins earning yield. When you wish to withdraw, the vault takes back your original crypto assets plus any yield gained and returns it to you. Your assets are never held by a central entity.

Circuit takes advantage of the power of trustless and permissionless smart contracts to create a system that optimizes your returns while still giving you complete control of your funds.

Happy farming!

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