Vault Boosts

Circuit's vault contracts mint receipt tokens on every deposit. These tokens are ERC-20 tokens, and can be used just like any other token. But remember, they are your receipt! Don't share them or give them away!

One use-case with these tokens is BOOSTING!

Boosting is when you can get additional rewards on top of the yield already being earned from depositing assets into the vaults.

How do I Boost?

Boosting occurs through a separate boost contract. If the vault is eligible, the app will say so.

To Boost, simply deposit into the vault like normal (if you haven't already).

On the vault page, scroll down to the Boost card

Then, simply deposit as many vaul tokens as you like. The default is 'max' to earn as much additional rewards as you can.

The click 'BOOST VAULT'! That's it!

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